No But Seriously, Christmas Isn’t About The Presents


Yep, we’ve all heard it a thousand times but Christmas really isn’t about the new iPhone, laptop, or the car you get. It’s about the gathering of our families and the love we got for one another. It’s awesome that we’re getting free stuff and all but look around you today when feasting with the family or when you’re opening the presents. Realize these people have been here for you since the very beginning and don’t have intentions of leaving your ass like that one friend you had 3 years ago. Call it cheesy or whatever you want but you know it’s the truth! Family is awesome and it’s even more awesome that we can always know they’re here for us. So when you’re sitting there with your whole family today or tomorrow just remember this, family is something that will forever be in your life, not the iPhone. Hope everyone has a nice Christmas and thanks for reading!
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