The Art Of Planning And Why You Should Master It

To do anything correctly it’s well known we must have a plan. Google defines the word plan as “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.” So if a plan helps us achieve things why don’t we make use of plans in our everyday lives? Why don’t we plan for a good day and achieve whatever it is we want? Rather than going through the day doing this and that, I challenge you to go through it knowing exactly what’s coming next.

Why Should I Master The Art Of Planning?

Planning your day out rather than accepting whatever comes your way makes for a much more simple and stress free one. If you set a schedule for the next day you’ll know almost exactly what’s coming and when it’s going to come.

We’ve all had those days running all over the place doing what seems like everything there is to do and it’s not very fun. Keeping track of all that has to be done in our heads only makes for bad headaches and an overwhelming feeling from all that has to be done.

Need some motivation? Write down your day’s plan and watch everything you’ve set out to do be accomplished. For example, let’s say tomorrow you wanna go to the gym, you have to do homework, and you gotta cook. Wouldn’t it be nice to literally see everything get done as you check them off?

Another great reason to start planning your days out comes from a study done by Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthew’s who found that we are 42% more likely to do anything if we write it down.  So if we can save ourselves from stress, headaches, and accomplish more of what we set out to do by planning,  shouldn’t we all be doing this? I think so.

Also keep in mind you have the freedom to write down anything in your plan. If you wanna lose weight write down in your plan “don’t buy junk food tomorrow.” If you want to start saving money write down “deposit $100 tomorrow.” You see another beauty of writing down a plan is that when you read it the next day you’ll know it seemed like a good idea yesterday even if you don’t want to do it today.

Your plan doesn't have to be fancy. Make it simple and straight to the point.

Your plan doesn’t have to be fancy. Make it simple and straight to the point.

Four Easy Steps

1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen.

2. Think of what you need, have, or want to do.

3. Write it down.

4. Look at it tomorrow and feel in control of your day.

So there you have it. That’s the art of planning. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take up a lot time, and it’s free. Trust me when I say it makes life easier! I do this daily and I can honestly say it’s made life better. I don’t have to worry about forgetting things, I know what I have to do, and I know when I’m going to do them. It’s made everything simpler and I think everyone could benefit from this. So try it out and see for yourself.

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