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Life Lessons Right Out Of The Gym

Whether you go to the gym to build muscle, lose weight, get a six pack, or simply because you enjoy it, there is more than just a physical return for your hard work. I believe that there is an equally valuable reward that comes from the gym. It offers much more than just the dream body you want. It offers a winner’s mentality and concepts applicable to everyday life. Check these out.


Going to the gym once or twice a month isn’t going to bring you results. You have to be disciplined enough to get your ass up and to the gym several times a week. You have to work hard every time you go and walk out of the gym knowing you kicked ass.

Just like in life, if you want to learn something new or get better at something, you’re not going to see much improvement if you’re doing it every once in a while. You have to be committed and consistent with whatever your trying to accomplish.

The results you see are the reflection of the time and effort you put in. 

This doesn’t mean kill yourself by hitting the gym every day or practicing whatever it is for 10 hours, but it does mean committing a good amount of time to reach your goal.


Take all the supplements you want but this isn’t how you will grow and get stronger. A lot of people have the misconception that if they spend $200, take 6 pills a day, and drink 2 different supplement powders they’re going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In life we can see a similar concept. If you want to become a pro at let’s say, playing the piano, you won’t accomplish this by subscribing to 5 piano magazines and buying 12 books. If you want to be fit and healthy you have to actually workout. If you want to be good at something you actually have to do it, not just read about it or watch people do it.

Same Workout, Same Results

If you do the same exercises everyday you’re not going to grow. The body is amazing at adapting to the same workouts. You have to switch it up.

In life, if you’re looking for results you can’t keep doing the same thing! Whenever you feel comfortable get into the habit of changing that right away. The reality is that we see the most growth when we feel challenged.

Obviously keep learning and getting better at whatever it is you’re doing, but find different ways. You can’t read the same book or watch the same tutorial 10 times and expect to get better.

Without challenge there is no growth.

Rest and Recover

Don’t expect crazy results if you’re not resting after killer workouts. You can’t destroy yourself at the gym every day and not rest! You have to eat and get enough sleep if you want your muscles to recover and get stronger.

In life it’s very similar, you can’t overload yourself with work and duties and not rest. This only comes with stress and feeling overwhelmed.

You have to rest in order to grow.

Give yourself time to let new information and skills be processed. Don’t just keep shoving things at your brain and expect it to learn it all.

Hard Work Equals Results

Those that work hard at the gym and actually put their phones down are usually the ones with real results. Stopping at 8 reps when you know you can get to 12 is just not cool.

If you want the results you gotta pay the price.

In life we can see the same thing. Successful people didn’t get there by just talking about their goals. They didn’t get there by “kinda trying.” They got there with hard work. Consistency and discipline are the traits successful people have mastered.

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Change Your Life By Using These Three Words

We have to go to the gym, we have to eat healthy, we have to do homework, we have to wake up early, it goes on and on. Seems like we have to do a lot things, but let’s think about this for a second… do we really have to?

Every day we wake up with these words playing constantly in our heads, but why? Why do we have to do things when we could want to do them?

It’s three words; I want to.

Saying you want to rather than you have to is completely different. When we say we have to do something we immediately place burdens in our heads. Having to do something doesn’t sound fun and in the end isn’t fun.

You want to start hitting the gym, you want to start eating healthy, you want to wake up early for work, you want to do homework. If you remove the words I have to from your vocabulary I really do believe you could be a happier and more positive person.

A lot of the time we use these words when in reality what we’re doing is positive and shouldn’t be looked at negatively as if it is a task or job to accomplish. Your life isn’t about having to do things, it’s about wanting to do things.

It's so simple. All you gotta do is use three words.

It’s so simple. All you gotta do is use three words.

View all that you have to do as opportunities, not duties.

You want to go to the gym because you care about your body and you want to look good.
You want to wake up early for work because you‘re fortunate enough to have a job.
You want to start eating healthy because you know your body is important and you want to change.
You want to go to school because you know it’s for your future.
You want to not have to.

Making this change won’t be easy. I barely started doing this a week ago and I still find myself saying I have to. Set a reminder on your phone, write it on your hand,  or print it out and hang it on your wall. Just remember that you want to do it.


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Let’s do good things with our lives.

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10 Ways To Make Your Mornings Better

alarm clock is ruining your morningMornings are the beginning to a new day, a new opportunity, and provide a fresh start to do something new or different. No matter what it is that you’re doing, the beginning is always important. With beginnings being so important I believe  we should strive to make the beginnings of our days as great as possible in order to have good and productive days. Check out these ideas that could possibly make your mornings more enjoyable. 

1. Stop Waking Up To Annoying Alarms

You’re not cold or hot- you’re perfect, you’re buried under your blankets and pillows, you’re towards the end of a perfect dream and the stupid alarm goes off. We’ve all experienced this and it really does suck. Why do we wake up to terrible noises like that iPhone duck quack alarm? I’s not a nice way to begin the day. It’s the first thing you’ll hear, so wake up to a pleasant sound.

2. Waking Up To A To-Do List

I must say I do this one quite often but I’m working on ending this crappy habit. In order for us to enjoy our mornings we can’t wake up and remind ourselves of what has to be done right away. We have to ease into the day and slowly pick up momentum until we’re in full gear. Don’t wake up and immediately visualize all you have to do and ruin the morning. Think about like this, when you wake up your mind is like a clear, blue-skied sunny day and if you immediately think of everything you have to do you’re only adding clouds and rain to this perfect sunny day.

3. Really Stretch

I don’t mean lay in your bed and stretch, but seriously get out of bed and stretch like you’re at the gym. A good stretch in the morning will loosen up your tight muscles and get the blood flowing. A proper morning stretch has been said to increase flexibility, posture and even your mood by releasing mood-enhancing endorphin’s according to certified personal trainer Kristin Anderson.

4. No Surprises

Stop having to deal with dumb things in the morning like being unable to find your keys. Before going to sleep know what you’re going to wear and where everything is so you don’t have to scramble in the morning.  If you eliminate these moments from your mornings everything will flow peacefully instead of worrying about the time while looking for your wallet.

5. Let In The Light!

Try opening your blinds and curtains as soon as you step out of bed.  You should allow the new day to enter your bedroom and invite it into yourself as well. Embrace it, a new day is like a new canvas; you can either use it to create a masterpiece or let it go to waste.


7. Breakfast Of The Champions

Eat a good breakfast, keep in mind your body just went 7-8 hours without food. A good breakfast is not a cup of yogurt or a bowl of cheerios. Get into the habit of eating right in the mornings. Your breakfast should always consist of some protein rich foods, healthy carbs, and vitamins. Every morning is like a new race and you can’t win that race unless you have the right fuel.

8. Breakfast For The Ears

Wake up and open iTunes. You may be surprised how much better your day will start out if you hear your favorite songs in the morning. Not only does it wake you up but it makes you happy and wanna dance. Add a beat to your morning, dance while making breakfast, and start the day right. I find that speakers work best but headphones can also do the trick.

9. I’m Not Kidding, Wake Up Earlier

A lot of you may think I’m crazy but seriously try it. Waking up knowing you you have to be out of the house in 30 minutes is not a good feeling. Treat yourself to a peaceful morning that flows how you want it to. Start your day off calmly instead of showering in two minutes, taking a bite of an apple, brushing your teeth, and running to your car. Mornings are meant to be slow, not fast-paced. Don’t battle your still-waking up mind and body, go with the flow and give yourself that extra time to chill out.

10. Make Your Bed

So what if you’re gonna ruin it at night? It takes 30 seconds and makes your room look much more inviting a less chaotic. Making your bed doesn’t have to be a whole involved process. Just straighten your sheets and pull your blankets up. Arrange the pillows if you’re feeling ambitious. Don’t be lazy and make it a habit to have a freshly made bed after a busy day.

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No But Seriously, Christmas Isn’t About The Presents


Yep, we’ve all heard it a thousand times but Christmas really isn’t about the new iPhone, laptop, or the car you get. It’s about the gathering of our families and the love we got for one another. It’s awesome that we’re getting free stuff and all but look around you today when feasting with the family or when you’re opening the presents. Realize these people have been here for you since the very beginning and don’t have intentions of leaving your ass like that one friend you had 3 years ago. Call it cheesy or whatever you want but you know it’s the truth! Family is awesome and it’s even more awesome that we can always know they’re here for us. So when you’re sitting there with your whole family today or tomorrow just remember this, family is something that will forever be in your life, not the iPhone. Hope everyone has a nice Christmas and thanks for reading!
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Stand Like A Boss, Be A Boss

lion standing up right power stance

Successful people and badass wild animals have something in common, and it’s easy to see. They appear confident, they know what they’re doing, they look powerful, and at the end of the day are powerful. Look at the picture of the lion and tell me he doesn’t look confident and powerful. This sort of personality is the one that successful people usually all have in common, they are powerful because they feel powerful. So what if I told you there was a way for you to feel like that badass lion everyday? A study done by Dana Carney, Amy Cuddy, and Andy Yap at Harvard University say it’s possible, we just have to be willing to stand in a “power pose” for 2 minutes.

What is the Power Pose?

The power pose is simple. You can see it being done all over the animal world, birds spreading their wings, showing off their power; gorillas banging their chest’s, showing their assertiveness; lions standing proud, they do it for the power. What do all these poses have in common? They make themselves big, they take up as much room as they can with their bodies, they make a statement. For us power poses work the same, we must make our bodies look powerful and our minds will follow.

How Do We Power Pose?

-Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart, chin held high, shoulders back, arms above our heads, or on our hips like superman.

-After taking this position take a deep breath, feel the confidence building inside you, smile and know you’re powerful.

-Hold this power pose for 2 minutes, remain calm and confident, and know you are fully capable of taking on the world.

-Now that you’re done, take a moment and notice how you feel.

-You should feel good and empowered.

power pose confidence happiness

superman power pose testostorone

The Science, Why Do We Feel The Way We Do? 

The reason is because our brains have two very important hormones, the dominant one associated with power (testosterone), and the stress related one (cortisol). When we feel uncomfortable and unconfident the cortisol flowing through our brains is to blame. The study showed that when we position our bodies in low power poses such as hands in between our legs we are affecting the chemistry in our brains. By sitting hunched over or standing in low power poses we are effectively lowering our testosterone and raising our cortisol levels, which in effect makes us feel powerless. The study found that people who held high-power poses for two minutes increased their testosterone by 20 percent and at the same time the participants’ stress hormone- cortisol- fell by 25 percent.

gorilla power pose confident

Take Advantage Of The Power Pose!

If you’re not feeling happy or confident with yourself do the power pose, it’s free and the science has told us it really works. Next time you’re at a job interview don’t just wait there sitting down staring at your phone hunched over, go in the bathroom and do the power pose! If you have a presentation to present get pumped for it, give yourself the confidence to do it and make people see it. Even if you consider yourself laid back and not craving power it’s good for you, it will make you happier and better. It’s 2 minutes of your day, it’s free, no one has to see it, and the results are a more powerful you. So if you wanna be a boss, stand like a boss.

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